Everyday Pieces For The Busy Woman. 


Impoze Style is an online store based in Kingston, Jamaica that sells effortless and comfortable clothing, shoes and accessories at pocket friendly prices for the busy woman who needs to put a quick outfit together and wants to look good and feel good too in elevated classic styles that ceases to go out of style or look dated. 

OUR PROMISE: To provide comfortable, effortless and timeless pieces at a pocket friendly price without compromising quality and convenience. 

OUR MISSION: To dress women for their everyday occasions in comfortable, effortless pieces that makes them look and feel good too and never go out of style. 


Trends are not something we do, instead, we prioritize comfortable signature pieces over fads.

We understand that you require a base of fashionable items that can be simply combined and matched to create the ideal ensemble every time and won't seem dated or out of style in a year.


We aim to help you build a closet full of long-lasting items that fits perfectly and make you feel good. 

This is why we place a high priority on a timeless look that’s comfortable and enables you to have a versatile wardrobe that speaks to your style goals, every time. Because of how versatile our items are, putting together an easy-to-wear outfit won't ever require too much thought.


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